"This is for anyone interested in obtaining an auctioneer. Last year my mother decided to sell her home and the contents, as she had moved to a residential care facility after my father had passed away. Cody's name was given to us and we called him. He came over right away and assessed the contents. Cody set a date for the auction, created a very precise sale and did the advertising. Cody was very knowledgeable on the collectibles, antiques and coins, which was very helpful to us. Cody boxed up the items for the sale and set it up. Cody was very professional and very pleasant. Everyone at the auction told us how impressed they were with how well it was handled. The sale was very successful and brought much more than my mother or I had hoped or expected to achieve.

To me was a very stressful time in my life, trying to close my parents estate, however, Cody made it a very pleasant and exciting and fun time and I truly do not think I could have done it without him.

So, to anyone wanting an auctioneer, I would recommend Cody Martin, without hesitation."

Carolyn Dougherty, Columbia, Mo.


"When my uncle passed away, I was devastated. Once I heard that his estate was going to be auctioned, I was doubly devastated. I dreaded that day, knowing that I would have to stand by and watch his past be auctioned off to the highest bidder. I just knew it would be one of the worst memories of my life. Three days before the auction, I received a call from Cody Martin...introducing himself and telling me all that he'd been doing to prepare for the big day. It was immediately clear to me that I was talking to someone who truly cared - who was doing everything he could to be respectful of my uncle, his past and his life's treasures. He was amazingly empathetic for someone I had never met... and I immediately felt better about the event to come.

On auction day, he greeted us personally and took us on a walk-through of the house. Once again, it was like he had become part of our family... he took care to learn all he could about my uncle and his life so that he could tell the story...tell my uncle's story...with respect and compassion. My elderly aunts were treated equally as well...and, because of Cody, they were able to make what could have been a very difficult day into a day of reconciliation and closure. His estimates of value were right "on the money" and the auction sold exceptionally well. I don't think I've ever experienced kindness of this sort before, especially from a virtual stranger.

 Above all, Cody's professionalism was second to none, and he made sure that every detail was taken care of. All I can say is that, when the time comes to have another family auction, I can guarantee that no one but Cody Martin will be at the helm...never have I seen such grace, compassion and business sense combined in one person."

--M. Perry, Nashville, TN