SPORTING GOODS AUCTION - Guns - Ammo - Knives - And More
Saturday, June 15th, 2019 at 10:00a.m.

Location: Cooper County Youth Fairgrounds, 16899 Dunkles Rd, Boonville, MO 65233
Directions: West of Boonville off I-70 exit Mo. Highway 135, go east on Frontage Road, north of I-70 approximately 2 miles and go south over I-70 to fairgrounds)

Auctioneer’s Note: This is an excellent and diverse collection of firearms and knives from a central Missouri estate. Many rare and desirable pistols and long guns in excellent condition. In additional there with be other gun and hunting related items as well as a large selection of ammunition. Please plan to attend.

Terms: All FFL laws will apply. A record of each gun purchase will be recorded with the description of the gun and serial number. By signing this record you certify that you are of legal age to purchase a firearm, a citizen of the United State and a resident of the State of Missouri, and not a convicted felon or otherwise prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm. You must be 18 years or older to purchase a long gun and 21 years or older to purchase a handgun. If you are a licensed FFL dealer, you must bring required proof of FFL. If you are a Missouri resident you may purchase and possess firearm in the same day. Out-of-State buyers may purchase such firearm, however, by law we are required to ship firearm to a local FFL of your choice. Out-of-State FFL licensees are exempt of shipping requirement.

Buyers must show Photo ID with current address to register. Cash or Master Card/Visa (5% convenience fee) with proper ID. Bank letters of credit must be presented in order to write a check unless you are an established customer.

Not responsible for accident, theft or errors in advertising, statements made day of auction take precedence over ads and printed material.

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Stack-On 12 Gun Safe 55x21x16” – Stack-On Ammo/Pistol Safe 18x21x10” – Browning Pro Steel 14 Gun Combination Safe w/ Peg Board Door Made by Sergeant & Green 24x60 ¼ x19”

M1 Garand Rifle Diagram Poster – M1 Garand Porcelain Sign – AK47 Diagram – U.S. Marine Tin Sign – “Don’t Tread on Me” Tin Sign – Remington Sporting Cartridge Tin Sign – Western Ammo Box – Winchester .22 Rifle Sm Wood Box – Peters Hi Velocity .410 Box

Gun Vise – Gun Cleaning Oils & Supplies – Pro Shot Cleaning Patches – Pro Shot Flexible Gun Cleaner – Brushes & Swabs – Lubricants – Scope Mounts – Homemade Shooting Stand – Clay Pigeons – “Knife & Razors, 3rd Ed.” – “Hand Guns of the World” by Edward Ezell – Kolpin Hardcase – Red Head Shooting Stand – Ammo Cans – Gun Smithing Tools – Shooting Rests – Shooting Bags – Wood S&W Pistol Grips – S&W Screw Driver Set – Various Gun Parts

NC Star Spotting Scope - Burris Landmark 15x45x66m Spotting Scope - NC Star 4x30 Scope – Tasco Scope Guide – Weaver 1” Scope

USMC Leather Holster – Strong Leather Holster – S&W 44Mag Holster & Ammo Belt - S&W Hard Case Belt/Leg Holster – 44Mag Shoulder Holster – Bianchi #X15 Extra Long Leather Holster - Various Leather Holsters –Various Leather Scabbards - Gun Slings – Various Ammo Belts – Hard & Soft Gun Cases

Lee Reloading Dyes (223Rem, 38Spl, 44Mag, 45 Colt, 9mm, 40S&W) - Pacific-Hornady 243 Reloading Dye - Hornady 223Rem Series 1 or 2 Reloading Dye - 38cal Hollow Pt. Slugs - Frankford Arsenal Pullers – Lg. Selection of Brass – Ammo Boxes (243, 270, 30-06, 308, 6mm) – Reloading Specs – Lee Primer – Reloading Trays – Reloading Handbooks – Hodgdon Powder No 27 Data Manual – Lee Powder Scale – RCBS Powder Measurer – Caliper – Mod 1292 Tumbler

Faulks Duck Call – Wooden Animal Calls – Mounted Turkey Fans – Leg Waders – Camo/Hunting Clothes – Mojo Voodoo Dove Decoy – Horned Owl Decoy – Head Reality Series Crazy Jake Hen Decoy – Various Hunting Supplies – Pentax 12x50 Binoculars – Bushnell 8x32 Trophy Binoculars – Game Cameras – Magnum Pro Climbing Harness – Elk Call – Tanned Deer Hide – Mounted Deer Antlers -

AMMO (1000’s of Round)
9mm – 38spl – 45Auto – 44Mag – 22cal - .223 – 12ga – 20ga – 45LC, 7.62x54r – 7.62mm x M13 – 7.62mm Negant – 44S&W Rem Mag – 44S&W Spl – Western Win. 44S&W Spl – 22Win Mag – 22LR – 25Auto – 35Rem – 357Mag – 30 Carbine – 40S&W – 30-06 - .410 – 5.7x28mm – 5.56mm – 7.62x39


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